Three top themes, strong results

Välkyt consisted of three themes: Pedagogical competence, selected ICT tools and validated materials. Pedagogical ICT competence was a prerequisite for realizing the goals of the project in practice. The staff had to master the basic use of ICT tools and use them also pedagogically.

Tablets, peripherals and interactive touch screens were chosen as hardware. The number of these was based on the number of child groups at daycare, and all materials were selected on pedagogical grounds. Tablet applications supported children’s growth and learning. The installation and maintenance of applications was done through remote management of the city’s mobile devices.

What’s next?

The learning community is at the heart of Välkyt model. In a learning community, good experiences and practices are shared between children and staff. Working together and a feeling of inclusion strengthen the community. All units are encouraged to work together with other daycare units. This promotes the sharing of good practices.

Additional information

Know-how and culture