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Resca and future houses

Hybrid is not just a car, it can also be a house

As part of the Inurdeco project, a renewable energy pilot area was built in Kivikkokangas in Hiukkavaara where companies can test and compare different technologies for renewable energy and get useful information on workable solutions. The pilot area in Hiukkavaara was discovered together with land and land use planning. Companies could participate in an open search for building lots in the area. It proved to be a success as all the lots were assigned.

As there was no district heat in the pilot area, it was ideal for comparing various new technologies. The following solutions were implemented in the area: block-specific electricity and heat production with wood chips, a house equipped with 40 square meter solar panels, and a geothermal hybrid house with a water fireplace.

In the Future Houses and Renewable Energy project, Resca’s solutions for future housing were evaluated and technologies were developed further in collaboration with the construction industry. The basic objective was to optimize the energy efficiency of different energy sources or combinations thereof as well as buildings into technically and economically viable entities. The best choices were made into replicable, recommended concepts for both consumers and businesses in the industry.

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