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Port of Oulu digital twin

The digital twin of the Port of Oulu is a modern and agile platform of dynamic information that shows how the port operates, serves and evolves. Based on the data collected, the virtual model reports on the operations and the area in a diverse way.

Information is visualized in many ways, e.g. through images, videos, and simulation. For example, information on weather conditions, the movements of different vehicles in the area, changes in circumstances or transport routes caused by construction projects are collected as visual, up-to-date information for the use of the customers, entire port ecosystem and companies throughout the logistics chain.

The digital twin also enables the planning and monitoring of sea, rail and road traffic, using shape recognition of ships, trains and vehicles, observation of conditions, modeling of objects, accurate positioning and forecasting of movements.

If necessary, the collected data can also be transferred out of the service with the help of database searches or transfer materials, and in addition, the information can be utilized with analytical tools, e.g. for berth and rail capacity optimization, cargo operation simulations, spatial planning and other real-time needs. In the future, the digital twin will create opportunities for the development of autonomous transport, drone services and the use of artificial intelligence.

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