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Piloting city data framework with Turku City Data

BusinessAsema set up is put together to support solution development especially for facility management technology (Proptech) branch. The space is provided with wide range of sensors, to collect data from the environment.  The data is saved into Azure – datapool, provided by Oulun Digi.  This makes the data management and processing possible in effective way. 

The goal of this pilot is to collect user experience and benefits from data modelling using knowledge graph, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Together with Turku City Data ( )  collected data will be combined with for example address database and traffic streams. Combined data is then visualized according the users need.

Piloting provides also environment for innovation gatherings and enables SME based solution co-creation in real city context.

Additional information

City as a platform
Contact persons
Jari Jokisalo, BusinessOulu and Jussi Tarkkonen, Oulun Digi