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Onnikka – Permanent Weight Loss

University of Oulu has developed a groundbreaking weight loss method, with which users can reduce permanently their weight on average by 5%, which is clinically significant result.

The weight loss method is called Onnikka. It is a web-based service, which helps people to change their behavior with the help of persuasive software design. Users are gently guided to observe and reflect on their habits, feelings and behavior, and making changes to their lifestyles. This produces permanent weight loss. Onnikka has been carefully designed with weekly rhythm for provided tasks and information and optimized for long-term and healthy weight loss.

Onnikka design is based on University of Oulu research on internal medicine, behavioral sciences and persuasive software design. A new, smartphone optimized version has recently been developed and piloted. The service became publicly available in spring 2022.

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