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HALI – traffic signal priorities for emergency vehicles

When you need to get there asap

In order to speed up the arrival of emergency vehicles and improve the safety of the drive there needs to be green traffic signal for these vehicles at all times. Vehicle satellite positioning and modern transmission technique have opened up completely new opportunities for traffic signal preemption system for emergency vehicles. Oulu is the first region in Finland to implement this new technology-based system, which guarantees green traffic signal to emergency vehicles based on their geographical positioning system. The system has since spread to several cities and regions in Finland.

Subscribers in Oulu have made the system available to other authorities on an open product basis. The system is currently operating in some 20 municipalities and pilot trials are on in different parts of Finland.

As a whole, the aim of the project is to establish a national system Hali 2.0. The system is designed to be a national system, which any municipality, state road operator or emergency operator can join.

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