In 2030, every company is carbon-wise

Sustainable, circular economy-based business development, i.e. carbon-wise business design and development will be “business as usual” in 2030. Oulu, together with Turku and Espoo, is involved in the CarbonWise project, which is a tool for carbon-wise business design and development. Carbon-wise business development consists of continuous actions towards net positivity. Carbon-wisdom delivers sustainable competitive advantage to both companies and cities.

The CarbonWise project enables companies to develop their business carbon-wise as well as to involve these actions in their marketing communications transparently. The carbon-wise clinics to be implemented during the project are designed ensuring a possibility for every company representing various business branches to participate. Companies can participate regardless of whether the company is in the very beginning of transforming its business into carbon-wise or already advanced in transforming its organisation, operations, products or services into carbon-wise.

The CarbonWise project operations in Oulu provide companies carbon footprint calculation with the help of experienced professionals at carbon footprint calculation. The project also provides companies with tools and methods to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as ways to implement carbon handprint and compensation actions. In addition, the project aims to encourage companies to build their brand and competitive advantage based on a carbon-wise strategy. CarbonWise aims at creating a new permanent service for carbon-wise business design and development.

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