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BusinessAsema – Smart Building

BusinessAsema is a co-creation platform and space for developing, testing and demonstrating technological end solutions. There is also a start-up incubator operating in this smart building environment, and the business and innovation services of BusinessOulu are available.

The main themes at BusinessAsema are the smart and energy-efficient services in the building, real-time digital twin, virtual and augmented reality, accessibility, safety and cyber security, and health and well-being. Smart technology enables the development, testing and demonstration of novel technological end solutions in co-operation with the City of Oulu, companies, research institutions, and universities.

As the cycle of product development becomes more and more rapid, it is more economical to test things already at the product development phase instead of noticing potential shortcomings only after entering the market – the idea is to innovate things rapidly, and succeed or fail quickly. Besides the technological development, also increased international competition speaks loudly for the agile mode of operation. Customer orientation is no longer a choice but a requirement. The enhanced innovation process meets the user’s needs more definitely and makes it possible to respond to the requirements of the rapidly changes business environment.

Trials often speed up the development of new solutions and enhance understanding about customer experience, because the test platform offers the companies access to genuine usage environments with real users. Each trial at BusinessAsema is a facilitated process, which means that the company does not need to know how to run it by themselves.

Suggest a trial or keep track of opening trial programmes. The suggested trials are evaluated weekly, after which the feasible ones are selected and scheduled. Selection criteria include novelty value and innovativeness, feasibility, scalability, and customer value.

A quick trial was organised as a challenge in early 2021, with four companies selected to solve issues like the evaluation of cleaning needs, optimisation of utilisation rate, and advancement of safety. The trial participants had access to data collected at BusinessAsema along with the technology installed there. As Samuli Tahkola of Fresh Air Global put it, ”Many things require a physical testing environment. BusinessAsema is a sandbox of co-creation, and the spirit of activities there is good.”

BusinessAseam features open workspaces, bookable meeting rooms and a cafeteria/restaurant. You can find the BusinessAsema events calendar at

Please contact us, even if you just want to try things out!

Pirjo Koskiniemi
Manager, Open Innovation Services
040 592 5375

Jari Jokisalo
Specialist, Development of Digital Environments for Companies
046 923 1397