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Drolo Project for Drone Use in Lower Airspace

Unmanned aviation is now really taking off. The electric-powered and locally emission-free flying devices known as drones are coming under the magnifying glass of both companies and researchers.

In order to ensure efficient, safe and professional operations, several major challenges need to be addressed. These include, for example, air navigation services for low-level airspace, control of flights when out of visual line of sight, and the possibility of performing several tasks with a single flight. These and many other challenges are being tackled by the Drolo project, which promises to be an undertaking of international significance.

The Drolo project will examine, develop and pilot solutions for traffic management in lower airspace, 5G connections and the utilisation of printed and embedded electronics. The project will test out smart drone services for use in ports, the use of drones in the vicinity of an airport, a drone weather service and the suitability of hydrogen as an energy source for drones. The project will also develop business models for Finnish drone operators from an export perspective. For example, performing several jobs or multiple customers during the same flight improves the cost-effectiveness of drones. The project will involve setting up Finland’s first drone air traffic control test area in the Oulu region.  The project’s partners include a number of key drone-related Finnish commercial and research actors. The project will create an ecosystem that will generate innovations and new drone-related business opportunities.

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